Executive Coaching

What makes executive coaching different ?

Just to quote some main stakes : create ruptures and manage change, implement a new strategy…

Managing a company, is it so specific that it needs a specific mode of coaching ? No doubt, the answer is Yes !

First of all because of the high stakes, then according to human, moral and technical abilities it requires and last but not least, due to difficulties, responsabilities and paradox which come along with the job.

Leading a company, alone with the demand of results to present to shareholders, to analysts, to the market with the increasing demand of growth and profitability, is an always demanding job, increased by the lack of visibility and the difficulty to build sound short term and long term forecasts. Sustain or develop growth on the short term and be able to adapt strategy on the spot: such is the reality of company leaders.

This is why, since the Leader has to deal with employees, difficulties of all sorts, unpredictable events which rythm the company life, that the Executive Leader needs a specific coaching with room for freedom of expression, a safe environment where to discuss with total confidentiality.

The purpose is to provide the Executive Leader with the possibility of sharing perceptions, thoughts , strategic questions with someone whose personal interests and strategies will not interfere, thus offering the possibility to modify usual frame and perspective.

A very efficient means to get out from problems constraints and focus onto an active process to identify solutions.

Examples of situations where Executive coaching may be the right answer :

Re deploy the company’s strategy
Manage change in the Organization
Get rid of the Executive Leader’s solitude and the constraints of problems
Improve the collaboration between subsidiary and headquarters
Start new partnerships and strengthen existing ones
Build cohesion with Team (Comex)

SAM & PARTNERS Assessment Center Paris is specialized in Executive coaching and answers to their specific needs. Each individual program is personalized.